As sure as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, one can be sure that as long as a dark cloud hangs over one’s head, the weather is going to be unfavourable.

Taking a moment or so to step outside of your reality, you notice a change of perception, a clarity of sorts and a general feeling of calm.

Listening to the wind pass through the trees makes you wonder what it is they’d think- if they could- of their surroundings and the day to day events that pass them by, usually paying them no mind.

They’re constantly anchored in position for decades on end and all the while seem content with that. Only external factors that interfere result in their unwanted relocation to be forgotten once more.

Having said that, they’re more than likely to be fully aware of current affairs- immediately affecting them and through strong hidden connections, have a whole spectrum of undiscovered consciousness providing them with a fully comprehensive situational awareness.

Perhaps we could take a leaf out of their books, perhaps we consider ourselves too important to do so.

Enough about all that- now, swiftly moving on…


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