Trying to take your mind off things that trouble you is seldom an easy task to complete without finding yourself back at square one almost as quickly as trying to take your mind off the things that trouble you.

It’s like having an internal force of gravity pulling you back in to the darkness of your own head and nothing can repel it.

A prisoner of your own creation.

Sometimes it’s better to just let yourself get on with it [feeling low and constantly sad], instead of depleting the last of your positive energy in an attempt to convince yourself that it’s not actually happening and that all is fine and you’re truly content.

At least this way you know how many bad vibes you have to deal with, the only variable being the amount of time it will last.

Immersing oneself with the company of others begins to feel false; almost simulated because in the end you go back in to the cage, a little more broken than before and you kind of know why, but the optimist within doesn’t want to admit it.

You’re glad to be a part of a wider audience, if only for a short while- yet you’re not fully prepared to discuss why you’re anxious and becoming sadder as the experience continues.

The cage door isn’t even locked, infact it’s been open all this time but you haven’t figured that out yet.


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