If you think you’re gonna have this shit figured out in your twenties, then think again kid.

You’ll make mistakes, you’ll make them again and again and you’re gonna feel like it’s a never ending cycle of bullshit and that you’re not gonna make it.

There’s gonna be days where you regret waking up and leaving the house; fearing any form of social interaction for fear of regretting some more.

The amount of tears you’re gonna shed and half of them you’re not even gonna know why you’re shedding them.

Friends and lovers come, friends and lovers go- So does the sun. You just gotta let go and accept it.

Pain. Aggression. Heartbreak. Love. Belonging. Loneliness. Anxiety. Depression. Nothing.

You’ll experience them all. One at a time, or all at once- but you’re gonna experience them.

“Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans”

Ain’t that the God damn truth.

But hey… don’t sweat it, kiddo.


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