In a world seemingly hell bent on you being an extrovert, it is often nice to have moments in your own company. 

Hattie was amongst the few of us who would rather live a solitary lifestyle than pursue one in which she felt over encumbered with a crowd of people and their fast paced ones- full of social events and gatherings. 

‘Far too many problems’, she often thought as she went about her day cooped up in her small, albeit rather quaint, apartment. 

She had outgrown the need for televisions and most daily conveniences we usually consider part of a normal household, comparing watching the news to having the entire world sitting with her in her shoebox sized accommodation. 

Hattie was and remains correct about the aforementioned; we turn into something not dissimilar to an electrical appliance, ‘plugged in’, watching a world go about it’s business without us yet we feel part of it all the same. 

Whilst biologically still a young, reasonably attractive woman, Hattie by nature, seemed humble to the point that you could quite rightly think she had been born a century too late or that she had lived a full life before this one. 

Rarely leaving her home, she took refuge in solace only stepping into the outside world when necessary- which wasn’t often and only ever more than once when the sun was shining but the temperature was that of a brisk winter morning. 

Hattie would stroll along, being paid no mind by other pedestrians as if she were an apparition, a trick of the light, a distant memory even. 

The world was so wrapped up in its own ego to address its ever increasing problems; ‘far too many problems’ thought Hattie ‘why does nobody see that there’s far too many problems? Why be given eyes if we never use them?’ 

This was why Hattie preferred to be such an introvert- you get swept up by a tide of self absorbed people drowning in a plethora of issues that in time you lose sight of the surface. 

Be like Hattie. Live for you. Replace a large ego with a small, albeit rather quaint sense of self satisfaction. 


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