Open planes and green landscapes.

Birds soaring through the crisp morning air and the first glimpse of the Sun.

Tranquil surroundings and slow deep breaths.

Am I correct in thinking that this is what most of us could consider as an ideal setting for freedom? Just because the above is seemingly set outdoors and most likely in the countryside, does it qualify as a true sense of freedom?

Freedom can be defined as “the state of not being ‘imprisoned’ or ‘enslaved'”, but this meaning has a whole multitude of additional meanings.

An individual might consider themselves “free” due to the time being 5pm, they’re leaving their cubicles incased in floors of glass and the fragrant city air has hit them square in the face.

If such individuals are happy with this, then so be it. Myself on the other hand knows full well that in this sense, these people are only free for about 10 minutes before being crammed in a hot, spaceless metal tube thats underground.

I think true, unparalleled freedom would be a life lived ‘off the grid’- no job, no need for something as reckless as money (which is a catalyst for deep unrivalled anxiety and stress), eating foods that pull a funny face if you asked if they knew where the nearest take out joint was.

One united peoples living together and just getting on so fucking well with one another- each of us exercising our minds and not our mouths.

If you’re not a people person then fine- neither am I, but remember; if you have an opportunity to be kind- then be kind! It’s really quite simple yet I still don’t think we’re fully grsasping the concept.

Just a few thoughts to ponder over when you have some “free” time.


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