The Capital is divided.

Split into hundreds of different forms where all you have to do is walk around the corner and boom! -another social norm being exercised.
In the midst of all these goings on and what not- does anyone actually pay the city any mind? I means there’s some stunning architecture and stone masonry amongst the skyscrapers and glass buildings.

It would seem that the new world is absorbing the old right infront of our eyes, but we’re all far too busy looking at our phones to notice.
It’s most definitely a strange place; sit for a while and watch a city go about its business- you’ll see.
Less fortunate people are shunned and ignored in such a blatant manner by everyone else.

Imagine going to the ATM, withdrawing your cash and you’re approached by someone far less fortunate who then asks, so calm and polite for the most part, if you can spare a little of your cash. Not much. Just a little. Pence mainly.

Imagine that scenario and your response. You are going to blatantly and remorselessly lie to their face and say something along the lines of “I literally don’t have anything on me, sorry.

I’m guilty of doing this. The majority of us are. We’re never sorry. We’re just sorry we were stopped going about our day and that is the current state of the world. Not necessarily just London.
So if the shoe was on the other foot, how would we react to it all?
I don’t view London as a city anymore. Not really. It’s more of a black hole that we feed money to.

The money goes in and seemingly disappears for a long while and eventually turns up in the form of another new building made of glass that shadows Old London, diminishing the beauty of yesteryear.


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