Welcome to Personal Extracts- scripted manifestations of what I was thinking at complicated times of my life. Enjoy.

Where do you go when you’re in ‘the zone’? When you’re in a state of pure anger, ecstasy, passion, sorrow? How do you begin to describe what you feel at that exact moment? Now of course, every persons experience would differ, but just how much would it vary?

Obviously, everyone is different; their characteristics and mannerisms for example, if only slightly. However I believe from a neurological perspective, we are all near as damn it, identical. This is just my interpretation, I’m by no means an expert on the human psyche… Unless I’ve had a skinful, then I’ll bet anyone a tenner that I can perform a triple heart bypass whilst playing buckaroo and analysing your current mood.

Technically speaking, if we’re all made up of ‘star dust’ and various remnants of the Big Bang, does that flaw Darwinism or back it up? Does ‘dust’ evolve? Here’s one for you religious nuts to think about aswell- if God created you, who created God? He didn’t create himself because he didn’t exist before he was created, did he?


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