Reckless sleepers and night owls alike; so often our brains decide to have a sudden burst of energy at the times when we need to unwind the most. 

How fascinating, our ability to recall memories so bright and vivid, in the darkness of the night – comforting almost, like an internal night light for those among us who fear the unlit. 

The midnight mind allows us to ponder questions that only hours before retiring for the evening, would otherwise be so irrelevant that they’d never be generated in the first place. I guess there’s just something about the dead of night that makes our brain feel that little bit more alive- similar to a restless child refusing to sleep! 

I wonder what it’d be like to go fishing with a space unicorn? What shoes would he wear?

Those kinds of questions, you know? 

More often than not, we end up playing out scenarios that have never even happened, two or more fictional events being mentally stitched together to create one big cognitive masterpiece- it’s said that pictures paint a thousand words, but how many words could the midnight mind artist paint? Another question for us to ponder no doubt. 

On the other end of the spectrum, replaying the bad memories like they were a glitch in the space time continuum makes for a rather  volatile persona the following morning. 

I’m not certain if there’s a medical diagnosis for why we sometimes have a sudden outburst of neurological episode but if there’s any medical professionals reading this, please feel free to offer some advice to those of us who stay up way past their bed time reading blogs on WordPress! 

That’s it, that’s all- time for myself to drift off into a sound sleep…whilst at work tomorrow morning due to writing a symphony until 3am because my brain thought it would be a character building exercise. 

To all, a very good night. 


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