Those times when we’re looking for something, but aren’t quite sure exactly what it is, but we carry on looking regardless are intriguing times indeed. Having never really intended to be looking for anything in particular in the first place, makes one question what it was that would make us begin to look.

A desire for an adventure perhaps? Not knowing where you eventually end up is a very desirable notion for some.

Knowing the end before you’ve barely had a chance to explore the beginning and plan the middle is rather sad isn’t it? Yet there are most likely some who find comfort in solace. Odd really, that someone would want to know the last chapter of a story without really getting to know the prelude. Unfortunately that’s just the way of things sometimes.

For others, they just like looking at things from the start. Over and over they look. Reading the story from the start and often reading the same line twice! But all the while continuing with the story the best they can.

Exactly what is it you think you’re looking for? I can’t answer that for you now can I? Nope. Go on, carry on looking. You’ll find it before you know it. Or maybe you’ll stroll right past it. Unless you keep your eyes glued to the floor…oh…there it is! Looks like i’ve found my Library Card.


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