… probably ask how he or she felt about the stigma surrounding the notion of waking up at 7am, only to play out the same scenario that we all do the other 4 days of the week; smash our alarm clocks to within an inch of their lives, make some very questionable noises whilst stretching, making our internal morning monologue’s external and finally removing the duvet (albeit very reluctantly)- but why do we always feel so fed up with this routine on a Monday, if every morning is the same?

Yes, yes Monday is the ‘start of the week’ for most of us but for some, Monday isn’t the start of the week; shift workers, raise your hands.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes even I have my occasional lovers’ tiff with Monday and if we’re being honest- its friends Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday often serve as a great excuse to have a whine.

Truly, the day we all live for is Friday, right? Come on, TGIF? Even deities have their Monday issues.

If that’s the case, then surely shifties must hate their version of the M word, no?  “I don’t like Thursdays” just sounds wrong and insults us all, including The Boom Town Rats.

Do Monday’s drag? Depends what you’re doing of course. My Monday may as well have started last Monday! Sat in a shoe box office glued to Microsoft Outlook isn’t what I told my careers adviser I saw myself doing 5 years down the line.

That’s nothing against you, Microsoft. You’re actually a life saver- I mean how else would I have winged my way through my GCSE’s? On behalf of myself and millions of others, thank you for Paint.

Having said that, if you spent your Monday skydiving or sun worshiping, give yourself a firm  pat on the back- you chose a great day for it. A bit ironic that last bit really, considering the topic. Generally, Monday’s do drag so I’ve answered my own question, although feel free to voice your own opinion on the matter of Monday.

The meaning of Monday

According to Wikipedia, the origin of the word ‘comes from the Old English ‘monedæi,’, literally meaning moon’s day’ – which is a bit of a mind fuck considering the moon only comes out at night. *Quick disclaimer*- I used quotation marks, so I haven’t plagiarized anything, Wikipedia chiefs…even if people can edit your pages.

So, to summarize: Monday, if you were a person, I probably wouldn’t talk to you but if we bumped into one another at the bar, I’d likely buy you a drink. Nothing outrageous, ‘Moon’shine perhaps.

There’s tea & coffee, help yourselves to biscuits and feel free to voice your opinions of this blog. Don’t be too critical as this could cause me to feel down for the remainder of the week and it’s only Monday after all.




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